Friday, October 15, 2010

NCAA Basketball Home System II 28-8 77.77% ATS

The Home System II

 09/10 Season

28-8 77.77% ATS
The Home System II was found as a subset of last years NCAAB Lean System and is explained below.

NCAAB Lean System

2009-2010 SeasonWLTPctUnits
ATS Picks53-31-263.10%+9450
O/U Picks30-26-153.57%+700
All Picks83-57-359.29%+10150

The Lean System record shown above, also had a sub group of home teams <-10 point spread. The record was 28-8 77.77% ATS

This will become it's own system in the future and will simply be called The Home System II to go along with our other NCAAB Home System which has a two year record well above 70% ATS.


NCAA Basketball Home System I 77% ATS

NCAAB Home System the last two seasons overall record
30-9 77% ATS

A very select and very successful NCAA Basketball system for 2 full seasons. 

This system starts with NCAA Conference play.

NCAAB Home System 08/09 Season 16-4 80% ATS

NCAAB Home System 09/10 Season
14-5-1 73.68% +850 View

MisterMJ's NBA Computer Picks System +62 % ATS

The NBA Computer Picks system is now entering it's fourth NBA season. 

There has never been a losing month...there has never been a losing year...and there has never been a year under 60% ATS. This has been a very robust and stable system, always solid...sometimes spectacular, nearly 66% ATS in 08/09 season on nearly 100 picks.

The long term record of 62.1 % ATS based on 256 picks over 3 full NBA seasons is unmatched. In addition to that...the lines and picks were documented at Wagerline and were always widely available and honest lines.In fact...most often...if you had a good off shore could do better than most of my posted lines.

I am adamant about using fair lines for all of my systems whenever possible. If you can't re-create my results when you follow the picks...there is no point in doing this.

This system just plain works...year in...and year out. 

When I try to build long term, successful, repeatable, handicapping systems...this is the gold standard example that I shoot for.

NBA Computer Picks Overall Record Since 2007 Season

159-97 62.1% + 52.3 units +$26,150
NBA Computer Picks Yearly Breakdowns

09/10 NBA Computer Picks

14-9-0 60.87% +2050 View
08/09 NBA Record
61-32-1 65.6% +25.8 Units
07-08 NBA Record

84-56 60% + 22.4 units
(Picks documented in this forum :