Saturday, September 3, 2011

NFL EMO's System Record & Explanation (2010-2007)

NFL EMO's Record & Explanation (2010-2007)

The NFL EMO System is a contrarian system based on my own set of Emotional factors. The theory is that human emotion is predictable...and the human response to certain factors is predictable.

The NFL season is very short...each game is very much like a battle...the season as a whole is a war. It is a very very emotional and violent game...with many ups and downs over the season.

So far...these EMO factors have done a good job of predicting ATS winners...based on predictable patterns of human behavior triggered by game events and outcomes.

EMO's can only start in week #2 because the first week of regular season is needed as the first set up for any picks. For whatever reason...they do not seem to do well after about week #12. (My guess is that teams fall out of playoff races...and this changes emotional feedback as some teams lose hope for the season, and others lose an edge locking in playoff spots early and or playing scrubs.)

I make every attempt to document any and ALL of my system picks for permanent record keeping but some of the earlier records were not fully documented as the system was created. I didn't realize for a few years what I had.You will have to take some of my word for it on the earlier records, but we are starting to get enough history that I think it's apparent that the system has value.

You never know what will happen in any one season with any system...but the NFL EMO's show consistency and give us a good chance for outstanding results in any season.

The NFL EMO's have a long term record with me since 2007 (and beyond) which is  actually above
+ 59% ATS.

2010 NFL EMO's Final Record

16-­14-­0 53.33% +­$300 View

2009 EMO Record Week # 2 - #12
21-16  57.5% ATS

Posted at the RX Forum:

The 2008 EMO Record Week #2-#12 was
33-18 64.7% ATS +$6600

Unfortunately as an experimental system it was not documented at Wagerline...the record is using midweek Wagerline odds and from my personal notes as the EMO's were used in the Pick 3 and Pick 5 Systems as an indicator.

I also have a 2007 EMO record at  +60% ATS Week 2-12 as it was used as a primary indicator within the Pick 3 and Pick 5 Systems, but not documented separately until later, when I realized it was a viable system by itself.