Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2010 NFL Records & Summary

 All 2010 NFL Donation Partners will receive my 2011 NFL Systems picks for free based on last years under performance. In total, the two systems offered did not come out ahead.

At the very least NFL EMO picks will be provided as they are still a viable system with a long history of doing well despite the smaller gain in 2010.

The Pick 3's will be discontinued. If I have anything else experimental in 2011 it will be included with the NFL EMO's free of charge as part of my performance guarantee.

2010 NFL EMO's Final Record

16-­14-­0 53.33% +­300 View
2010 NFL Pick 3 Final Record

20-­23-­1 46.51% -­2650 View

Monday, March 28, 2011

NBA/NCAAB 2010-11 Season Records and Wrap UP

The NBA Computer Picks once again had fewer picks, but they did post their 4th straight season of +60% ATS. Maybe it's finally time to increase our units...if anything justifies higher risk/reward...they do.

The biggest disappointment was the performance of NCAAB in general...and the NCAAB Home System I in particular. We were probably due for a pullback. This is a tough business and nothing works all the time.

Every season is different, sometimes we do incredibly well and sometimes things are more average.

For next will be the NBA Computer Picks and I look forward to a full season of the NBA TraderZ's.  The NBA TraderZ's have a LOT of potential but are probably best suited for the Nov.-Feb. time frame...same as the Computer picks.

Next season NCAAB will include the two Home Systems and the Counter system looks like a valuable addition. The only thing I might add is an NCAAB dog system which should help counter seasons like this one. Nothing is broke, but it was an off year by our standards.

Thank you very much for your loyal following and your business. I try to keep it real...and I'm not sure a lot of bettors understand how hard this really is to do, year after year with real records that don't use ridiculous unit manipulation.

 We can't hit +70% every year. I wish it could have been better, but the year wasn't a complete loss either. And we definitely kept moving forward with extra tools to use next season.

I run systems and try to deliver value from those systems to you with personal service by emailing directly. Touts are all about "marketing" and unit manipulation. I hope you keep that in mind and remember there is no easy answer to successful wagering.

Thanks again...feel free to drop me a line anytime...but now it's time for me to get ready for baseball.

Best regards,



2010-11 NBA TraderZ
12-10 54.5% ( emailed record does not include Feb. 9 2 unit win Chic/Utah Under)
Unofficial record is 15-10 which included the 2 unit win and two picks too late for email.

2010-11 NBA Beer Money O/U's (An experiment discontinued because of marginal value)
40-34-1 54.05%
The formula was posted at the link below. It has some value but for my purposes I've chosen to look at other things.


2011 March Madness System

2010-11 NCAAB Counter System


2010-11 NCAAB Home System I

2010-11 NCAAB Home System II


Friday, March 18, 2011

NBA Computer Picks Record 2010-2011 and Overall Record Since 2007

The NBA Computer picks are now done for the 2010- 2011 season.

The Final record is once again well above 60% ATS for the 4th straight season

NBA Computer Picks 2010-2011

18-­10-­0 64.29% +$­3500 View

Overall NBA Computer Picks Record (2007 to current)
177-107 62.3% + 59.3 units +$29,650