Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MisterMJ NBA / NCAAB System Records 2007-2013

A new NBA season starts tonight, and it's time to look at last years solid overall performance.

Updated and corrected records are included below of all Premium NBA and NCAAB systems, including overall lifetime records and last seasons 2012-13 records with documented records links at covers.com

Last season (2012-13) was outstanding for our two Premium NBA systems and down a couple of units with the Premium College basketball systems.

The recent trend is outstanding NBA performance and not much happening for us in college the last couple of seasons.

The college records are still good overall because they are front loaded by two spectacular seasons of near 80% ATS followed by a few seasons of flat or losing records. It remains to be seen if the college systems will rebound, but the NBA remains solid and the newer NBA Away system may be just as good as the outstanding long term record with the NBA Computer Picks system.

It should be noted that there were some experimental NCAAB picks (half wagers ect.) included last year which will not be continued and are not reflected in the records here. I will not continue this practice as it only seems to erode our overall performance and it gets too messy to track.

We should be able to continue to exploit the NBA with our two solid systems while we hope for another one of those crazy NCAA blow out seasons that seem to come from time to time. The plan is easy does it with College, if it starts out really hot it usually remains that way, and full steam ahead with the NBA carrying the load for us. Thanks! MJ

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MisterMJ's NBA Computer Picks 
Overall Record 2007-2013 62% ATS  194-119  +$31,550 +63.1 Units Flat betting

Last seasons 2012-13 record 9-4-1 69.23% +2300 

MisterMJ's NBA Away Dogs System
Overall Record 2011-2013 47-28-1 62.66% ATS  +$8100 +16.2 Units Flat betting 

Last seasons 2012-13 record 25-16-1 60.98% +3700 2012-2013 record

MisterMJ's NCAAB Home System I  
Overall Record 2008-2013 48-32-3 60% ATS 
Last seasons 2012-13 record 1-3-0 

MisterMJ's NCAAB Home System II
Overall Record 2008-2013 42-22-0  65.6% ATS 

Last seasons 2012-13 record 8-7-0 53.33%

MisterMJ's NCAAB March Madness System
Overall Record 2009-2012 22-19 53.65 % ATS  (Corrected)