Friday, October 19, 2012

MisterMJ NCAA Basketball Records 2008-2012

Last season was down a few units in NCAA Basketball. We've had some back to back +70% seasons and some back to back flat to slightly down seasons.

Quite frankly I never know what we are going to get. I just the run the systems and in the long run they work.

The long term record continues to show success and I am still confident that the systems will have success in the future. I wouldn't change a thing, they are solid handicapping systems that find line value in the long run.

 When they work, they really work and when they don't's not that bad. The upside still far outweighs any downside risk in my opinion.

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 NCAAB Home System I  Overall Record 2008-2012 
47-29-3 61.8% ATS

NCAAB Home System II Overall Record 2009 -2012
42-22-0  65.6% ATS

NCAAB March Madness System Overall Record 2009-2012
23-9 -0 54.8 % ATS

NCAAB Home System I  2011-2012
10-9-0 52.63% +$50 View

NCAAB Home System II 2011 -2012
7-8-0 46.67% -$900 View

NCAAB March Madness System 2011-2012
5-7-0 41.67% -$1350 View